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More than 60 engineers and developers are constantly working with developing high quality and business leading products and solutions.
NEW Metallic Waste Management Solutions

You take pride in offering a clean and inviting environment for your customers.
You understand how important your premises are as a competition factor in your
business as well as a vital part of your image.
Then you also realise that waste management is an important part of your overall
cleaning strategies. So do we, and that’s why we offer you complete solutions for keeping
your premises attractive – from cleaning systems to our new waste management range.


is an innovative all-purpose cloth made from microfibre fabric impregnated with PVA. The PVA treatment makes the cloth´s inner structure smooth, revealing superior cleaning performance.
PVA is well-known in professional cleaning and is used for synthetic chamois, which is appreciated for streak free cleaning and absorbency.

VoleoPro Trolley

The compact trolley with a footprint of 5.4 ft² is the ideal solution when space is tight.

With its unique design and full of intelligent functions inside, is this trolley the best business card for professional cleaning performance and the right tool for realizing efficiency in cleaning.


Floor cleaning made easy

Designed to work with all Vileda Professional mopping systems it easily adapts to your needs, whatever the cleaning task or on-site conditions.

SprayPro is the professional, ready-to-use floor cleaning system containing all you need for bucket free mopping. Just fill the handle with water and you have everything you need to clean hard flooring and staircases in one easy-to-use unit.

It is so easy to use that it requires no training. Simply fill the handle with water/solution, close the cap and you’re ready to clean. To add more water to the floor just pull the trigger and continue mopping. This simplicity makes it ideal for use by professional and semi-professional cleaners.

SprayPro is a self-contained unit so there is no need for time consuming wringing of mops or filling and emptying heavy buckets with water.

Also its small size makes it ideal where  lack of storage space is an issue.        


We know that the key to success is listening carefully to your needs.
And because we do exactly that, we understand the daily needs of the cleaning business and therefore provide cleaning operators with the best possible solutions.

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