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By combining knitted microfibre with PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), the PVAmicro cloth offers attractive benefits:

Cleaning performance.                                                                                                      The knitted microfibre ensures perfect results on almost all surfaces.

Streak-free wiping.                                                                                                             The PVA has very good water absorbency, meaning streak-free wiping without after-drying.

Durability.                                                                                                                 PVAmicro can be washed several hundred cycles.

Easy to rinse.                                                                                                                     PVAmicro holds 40 times less particle residue after rinsing, compared to ordinary knitted microfibre cloth.

Coverage performance.                                                                                                     PVAmicro leaves a very fine film on the wiped surface - homogenously over an area of more than 25 m² if needed.

Usage areas.
The cloth is ideal for cleaning all types of hard surfaces, such as offices furniture, glass, stainless steel and many more. PVAmicro is ideal for bucket method in damp condition.

PVAmicro is exclusively produced by Vileda Professional (patent pending).

Case CodeNameColourSizePiecesPacksPack Code
143585PVA Micro Blueblue38 x 35 cm520143590
143586PVA Micro Redred38 x 35 cm520143591
143587PVA Micro Yellowyellow38 x 35 cm520143592
143588PVA Micro Greengreen38 x 35 cm520143593

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Unique combined materials technology

PVAmicro is an innovative all-purpose cloth made from microfibre fabric impregnated with PVA. The PVA treatment makes the cloth´s inner structure smooth, revealing superior cleaning performance.
PVA is well-known in professional cleaning and is used for synthetic chamois, which is appreciated for streak free cleaning and absorbency.

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