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QuickStar micro

QuickStar micro is made of endless microfibres by utilizing a patented Freudenberg technology with unique properties - low linting, high cleaning performance and a streak-free result. QuickStar micro is highly resistant against most chemicals as surfactants, disinfectants, etc.


The high cleaning performance and streak-free result in one cleaning step saves a lot of time. Thanks to QuickStar micro´s low weight, washing costs are minimized.

Hygiene & Safety
With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards can be applied.

Quick and easy handling thanks to low friction.


QuickStar micro is designed as an ideal cloth for the pre-preparation of cloths in buckets/boxes with cleaning solution. It can be used dry or damp on every kind of surface.

: 70% Polyester, 
30% Polyamide

Product CodeDescriptionColourSizePiecesSelling packBCU
100819Quickstar Blue Case 20pks of5blue40 x 38 cm55100819
100820Quickstar Red Case 20pks of5red40 x 38 cm55100820
100821Quickstar Green Case 20pks of5green40 x 38 cm55100821
100822Quickstar Yellow Case 20pks of5yellow40 x 38 cm55100822

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Technical Data Sheet

Effective, durable, fast

QuickStar micro is a unique, durable microfibre cloth designed for timesaving, streak-free cleaning performance and daily washes.
The ideal cloth for the pre-preparation in buckets/boxes with cleaning solution.
Use it damp or dry.

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