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Using Breazy is a proof of professionalism and guaranteeing the best-in-class results.

Low infrastructure requirements
Breazy does not require washing. If there are no washing facilities around, just dispose of Breazy whenever necessary and start using a new one.
You can either dispose of the cloth after a day’s use or wash it and use it again up to 15 times.

Hygiene & Safety
With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards and HACCP principles can be applied.


The unique wave structure is a patented Freudenberg technology and the waves create pockets, which capture 40% more particle dirt than a comparable conventional cloth.
The fibre blend contains microfibre, which means easy and effective cleaning.
 60% Viscose, 
20% Polyester, 
15% Polypropylene, 
5% Polyester microfibre.


Breazy performs very well with both the bucket and spray cleaning methods. It can be used on all water-resistant surfaces such as desktops, cupboards, chairs, counters, bars, etc. Breazy is also highly suitable for all washroom surfaces.

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Old CodeCodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
120119120124BlueBreazy cloth35.5x 35cm / 14x 13.75 in25
120120120129RedBreazy cloth35.5x 35cm / 14x 13.75 in25
120121120130YellowBreazy cloth35.5x 35cm / 14x 13.75 in25
120122120131GreenBreazy cloth35.5x 35cm / 14x 13.75 in25

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Breazy is the ideal cloth for short-term use, offering microfibre cleaning performance plus novolon® pick-up pockets.
Breazy outperforms any other semi-disposable cloth, plus it is very easy to calculate how many cloths you need per site and per month. Thanks to the competitive pricing, Breazy puts no stress on your budget.

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