Swep Classic MicroCombi

Swep Classic MicroCombi

Double microfibre cleaning performance for deep surface cleaning, combined with strong cleaning MicroTech edge fringes. Chemical resistant, low weight mop. A combination for an efficient cleaning performance. Recommended for structured floors. 

Old CodeProduct CodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
SW7594-50143866Swep Classic MicroCombi, grey20 in/ 50.8 cm1

Swep Flat Mopping System

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The Swep Classic System is designed for the
one-step pre-prepared mopping method. Mops
can be prepared manually or in the washing
machine. The wide Swep Classic mop range
offers best cleaning performance on hard
floors. The mop dampness is tuned on the
required dirt and/or hygiene level.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerTumble dryCleaning methods - wet, damp

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