Ezy Break-Away Frame


• Constructed of a heavy galvanized metal wire, the EZY Break-Away frame features a rotating locking lever that securely locks the frame when in use
• EZY Break-Away frames swivel 360° degrees at all angles to provide the most versatile, dust control tool
• Designed for repeated commercial use
• These heavy duty durable frames feature a unique handle connector that connects securely to the frame for a longer life and no breakages.
• Frames are available in lengths from 18” to 48” for the 5” Series Dust Mops
• The EZY Break-Away handle comes complete with a unique connector to fasten to the frame

Old CodeCodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
DTEZ518F134600Ezy break-away dust mop frame, 18"13x46 in/ 5x 18 in1
DTEZ524F134601Ezy break-away dust mop frame, 24"13x61 in/ 5x 24 in1
DTEZ536F134602Ezy break-away dust mop frame, 36"13x 91 cm/ 5x 36 in1
DTEZ548F134603Ezy break-away dust mop frame, 48"13x 122 cm/ 5x 48 in1

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