The Looper Mop

Wide band and Narrow band

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• The best choice available in traditional wet mopping.
• Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes where high standards and strict requirements are easily satisfied.
• Made from a unique blend of yarn that enables superior absorbency while withstanding repeated commercial laundering up to 60 times.
• Heavy duty poly coated headband mesh withstands harsh chemicals, launderings for the life of the mop and abuse when headband is used as a scrubber.
• Looped-end construction allows for maximum floor coverage while eliminating tangling, fraying and linting.
• Made without any cotton fiber
• Avoid cross-contamination with colour coded mops.
• Available in 3 colours – 5 ply yarn.
• All mops are individually poly-bagged.
• Available in both narrow band (4.3 cm / 1.75 in) and wide band (12.6 cm/ 5 in).

Recommended frame:
Narrow Band
• Snap-N- Go
• Quick Change

Recommended frame:
Wide Band
• Snap-N- Go
• Jaw Breaker

Old CodeCodeBand SizeDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackSelling Pack
MPLMXS-BL134899NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-SmallBlue12
MPLMXS-GR134900NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-SmallGreen12
MPLMXS-OR134901NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-SmallOrange12
MPLMS-BL134884NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedSmallBlue12
MPLMS-GR134885NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedSmallGreen12
MPLMS-OR134886NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedSmallOrange12
MPLMM-BL134878NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedMediumBlue12
MPLMM-OR134880NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedMediumOrange12
MPLMM-GR134879NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedMediumGreen12
MPLML-BL134871NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedLargeBlue12
MPLML-GR134872NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedLargeGreen12
MPLML-OR134873NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedLargeOrange12
MPLMXL-BL134893NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-LargeBlue12
MPLMXL-GR134894NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-LargeGreen12
MPLMXL-OR134895NarrowThe Looper, 4 row stitchedX-LargeOrange12
MPLMXSW-BL134902WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-SmallBlue12
MPLMXSW-GR134904WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-SmallGreen12
MPLMXSW-OR134905WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-SmallOrange12
MPLMSW-BL134887WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedSmallBlue12
MPLMSW-GR134889WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedSmallGreen12
MPLMSW-OR134891WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedSmallOrange12
MPLMMW-BL131598WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedMediumBlue12
MPLMMW-GR134882WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedMediumGreen12
MPLMMW-OR134883WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedMediumOrange12
MPLMLW-BL134874WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedLargeBlue12
MPLMLW-GR134876WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedLargeGreen12
MPLMLW-OR134877WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedLargeOrange12
MPLMXLW-BL134896WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-LargeBlue12
MPLMXLW-GR134897WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-LargeGreen12
MPLMXLW-OR134898WideThe Looper, 6 row stitchedX-LargeOrange12

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