Sentrex™ – Cut End Mop

Narrow band and Wide band

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• Ideal for rugged cleaning on rough surfaces and high traffic areas.
• Made from a highly durable synthetic/rayon blended yarn with superior tensile strength properties – can be used for floor finishing and waxing.
• Heavy duty poly coated headband mesh withstands harsh chemicals, launderings for the life of the mop and abuse when headband is used as a scrubber.
• Available in narrow band (4.3 cm/ 1.75 in) and wide band (12.6 cm/ 5 in).
• Select sizes also available with bags.

Recommended frame:
Narrow Band
• Snap-N- Go
• Quick Change

Recommended frame:
Wide Band
• Snap-N- Go
• Jaw Breaker

Old CodeNew CodeBand SizeDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
MP4PS12134827NarrowSentrex mop350 g/ 12 oz12
MP4PS12B134828NarrowSentrex mop, bagged,350 g/ 12 oz12
MP4PS16134830NarrowSentrex mop450 g/ 16 oz12
MP4PS16B134831NarrowSentrex mop, bagged450 g/ 16 oz12
MP4PS16WB134833WideSentrex mop450 g/ 16 oz12
MP4PS16WBB134834WideSentrex mop, bagged450 g/ 16 oz12
MP4PS20134836NarrowSentrex mop550 g/ 20 oz12
MP4PS20B134837NarrowSentrex mop, bagged550 g/ 20 oz12
MP4PS20WB134839WideSentrex mop550 g/ 20 oz12
MP4PS24134841NarrowSentrex mop650 g/ 24 oz12
MP4PS24B134842NarrowSentrex mop650 g/ 24 oz12
MP4PS24WB134845WideSentrex mop650 g/ 24 oz12
MP4PS32134847NarrowSentrex mop, narrow band850 g/ 32 oz12
MP4PS32B134848NarrowSentrex mop, bagged850 g/ 32 oz12

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