Downpress Combos

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Our bucket and wringer combos are designed
to meet the demanding requirements of the
most sanitary environments.

• Our buckets are manufactured from high quality plastic that is injection molded.
• Unlike conventional foam buckets, our buckets are absolutely smooth, strong,
durable, and easy-to-clean and sanitize which reduces breeding ground for

Downpress Combos

• Gears and pressure plates, fiber reinforced nylon.
• Quiet, smooth operation, easy to work with and ideal for high standards
of cleaning.
• More efficient wringing; also avoids water splashing on the floor.
• Single bail carry handle eliminates pinching problem.
• Durable ball bearing casters provide smooth, easy movement.
• Accommodates all wet mop sizes 340 g to 900 g / 12 oz to 32 oz and
fits all bucket types and sizes.
• Reduces need to stock different wringers resulting in less inventory.
• Convenient opening for mop access, extended casters for stability.
• Extended casters minimize possibility of tipping.
• The durable stain resistant one piece construction is easy to clean and sanitize
and does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria.
• Downward pressure wringer forces water into bucket more effectively.

Old CodeCodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
MA1232-40B134704BlueDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-38 L/ 26-40QT1
MA1232-40G134706GreyDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-38 L/ 26-40QT1
MA1232-40Y131580YellowDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-38 L/ 26-40QT1
MA2633BL134719BlueDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-30 L/ 26-32qt1
MA2633GR134721GreyDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-30 L/ 26-32qt1
MA2633YE131582YellowDownpress bucket & wringer combo25-30 L/ 26-32qt1

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