Parts List For Downpress Wringer and Castors

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Old CodeNew CodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
FM1232-IN519765Wringer insert (black)22.8 x 12.7 cm/ 9 x 5 in1
MA901L-BL520499Wringer left side plate (blue)1
MA901L-GR520510Wringer left side plate (grey)1
MA901L-GR-BLANK520511Wringer left side plate (grey no logo)1
MA901L-YE520513Wringer left side plate (yellow)1
MA901R-BL520514Wringer right side plate (blue)1
MA901R-GR520515Wringer right side plate (grey)1
MA901R-GR-BLANK520516Wringer right side plate (grey no logo)1
MA901R-YE520518Wringer right side plate (yellow)1
MA902L519837Wringer left half moon gear1
MA902R519838Wringer right half moon gear1
MA903L519839Wringer left T-gear1
MA903R519840Wringer right T-gear1
MA904519841Wringer pressure bars (set of 2 ea)2
MA906520205Wringer handle only1
MA907519843Wringer complete hardware set (screws)1
MA908520206Black plastic grip for wringer/mop handle1
MA909520207Mop bucket caster - set of 47.6 cm/ 3 in4
MA911520208Inner spring for wringer1
MA912519849Handle for 32 qt Marino bucket1
MA913520210Handle for 40 qt Marino bucket1
MA920520211Compressing spring1

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