Metal Tip Wood Handles

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• Threaded metal tip wood handles available in 122, 137 and 152 cm / 48, 54 and 60 inch with standard threads to fit numerous products.
• Choose from a selection of metal tip threaded and tapered style handles to best suit your every need or task at hand.

Old CodeCodeColourDescriptionProduct SizeSelling PackPacks/Case
FH354MFUPC134622Threaded handle, wood, metal tip137.2 x 2.4 cm/ 54 x 15/16 in25
FH360MF-1134638Threaded wood metal tip handle152.4 cm/ 60 in25
FH360MFUPC134639Threaded wood metal tip handle152.4 x 2.4 cm/ 60 x 15/16 in25

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