Dustpan Sweeper

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• The ergonomic and efficient alternative to conventional dustpan sets
• Allows direct removal of dirt, dust and liquid directly into the bag
• Adjustable to accommodate different bag sizes
• Trolley hook for easy attachment to workstations
• High efficiency durable rubber blade
• Best option for quick and easy removal and disposal of waste.
• Ideal for hospitals and nursing homes
• Bag not included

Code Description Colour Description Size Order Quantity Art.no. Pack BCU
119918 119918 black Swep Upright Ergonomic Dustpan brush 35 cm/ 14 in
1 119918
512361 Swep Upright Ergonomic Closed Dustpan 35 cm/ 14 in 1
119909 119909 Dustpan Squeegee Sweeper 35 cm / 14 in 1
512363 512363 Open lobby dustpan (metal) 35 cm / 14 in 1

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The ideal solution on the market for General Building Cleaning and HoReCa.

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