Wet Floor Signs

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Floor signs alert the public to the dangers of slippery, wet floors or other hazards that pose a safety risk. The 28 inch tall signs fold for convenient storage and are printed on both sides in English, French and Spanish.

• Bright yellow floor signs communicate the necessary warning message to help maintain safety.

Old Code Code Colour Description Product Size Selling Pack Packs/Case
MI7003 134775 Floor Sign “Caution Wet Floor” Eng/ Fr 72 x 23 x 33 cm/ 28.35 x 9.06 x 12.99 in 6
MI7005 134777 Floor Sign “Caution Wet Floor” English 72 x 23 x 33 cm/ 28.35 x 9.06 x 12.99 in 6
MI7007134779Floor Sign “Caution Wet Floor” Eng/ Sp72 x 23 x 33 cm/ 28.35 x 9.06 x 12.99 in6

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