Patient room

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Top hygiene and cleaning without cross-contamination is paramount in patient rooms. Touch areas and spillage must be cleaned away immediately to maximise hygiene and minimise bacteria spread.


Fast and effective cleaning, that eliminates bacteria spreading and cross-contamination, is the top priority. Dust, dirt and spillage must be cleaned away immediately.


Taking care of dust and loose dirt is easily done with a microfiber duster. This is especially important in areas where traditional dusters are not the best solution, due to the dangers of dust dispersal from the fibers.


No room for bacteria

Your patients must leave the hospital in better shape than when they arrived. Therefore it’s crucial to keep the patient rooms completely clean and bacteria free.

A healthy hospital 

No bacteria spreading and no cross contamination are vital conditions when cleaning patient rooms.
We have the correct tools and systems!


A trip around the patient room

Click on the patient room hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a maximum hygienic result.

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