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The most economic and ergonomic floor cleaning.

Swep is the market´s most innovative and complete system for pre-prepared damp floor cleaning – no matter what floor or what floor type is to be cleaned, as long as it is a hard floor.
It´s a one-step concept, with no need for initial vacuuming or after treatment. As the mops are used damp, with a minimum of water, the release of water is kept to a minimum and the floors are back in use in shortest possible time.

The Swep system comes in two executions – Swep Classic and Swep Duo.


Intensive microfiber cleaning

Swep Classic System

The Swep Classic System is designed for the one-step pre-prepared mopping method. Mops can be prepared manually or in the washing machine. The wide Swep Classic mop range offers best cleaning performance on hard floors. The mop dampness is tuned on the required dirt and/or hygiene level.

Swep Duo System

The Swep Duo System is the mop system of a new generation. Just like Swep Classic the focus is kept on ergonomics and effectivity, but with a number of improved features and a brand new talent: two-sided microfibre mops doubling the cleaning capacity!
The result? Improved ergonomics – and above all – better cleaning economy.



Swep System
Lower cleaning costs, better cleaning performance, improved hygiene and enhanced ergonomics.


Telescopic handles

Ergonomic handles that minimize physical strain.

Available in...
Long handle: 100-180cm / 40-70in and
Short handle: 50-90cm / 20-35in.

Swep Duo Press
Ergonomic flat press. Use it with double sided mops and longish bucket. Press fits perfectly to press holder of Origo trolley range.

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Swep Duo frame

A mop system that doubles the cleaning area. The mop is suitable for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, and it’s efficient even in corners and other hard-to-reach spaces.

More details: 
Swep Duo frame

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW111390111391Swep Duo mop frame, 20"50 cm50 cm/ 20 in11
SW116866116867Swep Duo mop frame, 14"75 cm35 cm / 14 in11

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Swep Duo SafetyPlusmop

Extra strong fibres for long durability. Low friction cleaning at ”high friction” structured floors. Perfect replacement of brushes for tiles and other textures surfaces. High washing temperature possible.
More details: Swep Duo SafetyPlusmop

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
119370512132Swep Duo SafetyPlus mop, 20"50 cm50cm/ 20in1512132

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Swep Duo MicroPlus mop

100% polyester, cut pile mop.
 Strong microfibre cleaning performance even on structured floors.
 Reduced friction due to coarser fibre stripes and low weight.
 A highly durable and lightweight mop.

More details: 
Swep Duo MicroPlus mop

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW117056510822Swep Duo MicroPlus mop, 14"75 cm35 cm/ 14in1510850
SW121646513687Swep Duo MicroPlus mop, 20"50 cm50cm/ 20in1507567

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Swep Duo MicroTech mop

100% polyester microfiber fringe mop for intensive microfiber cleaning performance, easy gliding and maximum durability. Highly resistant to chemicals.

More details: 
Swep Duo MicroTech mop

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW121645513686Swep Duo MicroTech mop, 20"50 cm50cm/ 20in1507566
SW117052510818Swep Duo MicroTech mop, 14"35 cm35cm/ 14in1510818

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Swep Duo Press

Ergonomic flat press. To use with double sided mop (Swep Duo) and longish bucket. Fits perfectly to our holder of the Origo range.

More details: Swep Duo Press

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW120788120788Origo duo press50.8 x 19.1 x 63.5 cm / 20 x 7.5 x 25 in1120817

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Swep Classic mop frame

Lightweight and ergonomic mop frame. Easy cleaning of corners due to the trapezoidal shape. 

More details: Swep Classic mop frame

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW7581114427Swep Classic mop frame, 20"50 cm20in/ 50cm1111391

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Swep Classic MicroTech mop

100% polyester microfibre fringe mop for intensive microfibre cleaning performance, easy gliding and maximum durability. Highly resistant to chemicals.

More details: Swep Classic MicroTech mop

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW7586-50508420Swep Classic MicroTech, grey20in/ 50cm1508420

Component Header

Swep Classic MicroCombi mop

100% polyester, cut pile with MicroTech fringes.
 Double microfibre cleaning performance for deep surface cleaning, combined with strong cleaning MicroTech edge fringes.
 Chemical resistant, low weight mop.

More details: Swep Classic MicroCombi mop

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
SW7594-50507593Swep Classic MicroCombi, grey50 cm20in/ 50cm1507593

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Scrubbing Pad

Use for removal of small spots, shoe and trolley marks without bending. To be used by hanging it around the handle.

More details: Scrubbing Pad

Old CodeNew CodeDescriptionSizeSizeSelling PackPacks/case
109855502245New Vileda MicroPad Scrubby10 x 8.5 x 0.8 cm / 3.9 x 3.3 x 0.3 in11502245

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