Reducing time and over-all costs.

Increasing well-being, motivation and cleaning results.

With a need to clean 400,000 m² (4,305,564 ft²) floor area in as short time as possible the natural solution was Vileda Professional´s Swep system -  a complete microfiber floorcleaning system designed to fulfil all cleaning requirements. Including floors, walls, staircases and high or awkward to reach areas.

Regarding the enormous floor area to be covered, it was natural to choose a Swep Duo solution – double sided mops and frames, covering twice the cleaning area with just a flip of the frame.
For wiping Copenhagen Airport chose microfibre cloths for fast and effective one-step wiping – no streaks left behind and no after wiping needed.

All utensils have their “home-base” on award- winning Origo trolleys, where the cleaner has everything needed for effective cleaning comfortably at hand.


Duo Mop frame
35 & 50 cm (14 & 20 in)

With the Swep Duo concept Copenhagen Airport doubled the cleaning area with the same mops.



Swep Duo Allround mops
 100% polyester 
good cleaning performance,
good absorption ability and
durability. Used for floor
cleaning and dry mopping of
small areas.


Origo 300FX, HX and HHX trolleys Flexible cleaning utensils trolley in double compartment execution.


Swep Duo MicroTech 50cm/20in
100% polyester microfibre fringe mop for dry mopping. Intensive microfiber cleaning performance, ideal on large areas.  More


Swep Duo MicroPlus 35cm/14in
100% polyester, cut pile mop. Used for stairs and wall cleaning. Strong microfiber cleaning performance even on structured floors.  More


NanoTech micro
Microfiber cloth, ideal for pre-prepared method. High performance without the need for chemicals.  More

Swep Duo telescopic handle

Dustpan + sweeper
Collect even the finest dirt. Smooth surface contact to the floor. More

The UltraSpeed The UltraSpeed

Telescopic handles
Long: 100-180cm / 40-70in
Short: 50-90 cm / 20-35in

Ergonomic and award winning handles that minimize physical strain. More