Our Philosophy

Hygiene, Sustainability, Economy


Inferior hygiene can put you out of business

With the swine flu in mind and new pandemics spreading with the speed of light, top hygiene will continue to be paramount in more or less every environment. And within Health Care, elderly people’s homes, Kindergartens and HoReCa environments top hygiene is paramount.

In these sectors a clean environment could be a survival factor, and definitely a competition factor. Players with inferior hygiene will sooner or later be out of business.

So why settle for something less than tried and tested products and solutions from Vileda Professional. Solutions that will keep your hygiene on top and your business healthy.


It´s all about the future

At Vileda Professional and Freudenberg we bring ecological, social and economic values to life everyday, by doing business based on the principles of sustainability.

What we are doing is to carefully fine-tune and monitor every stage in a product life cycle to minimize impact on the environment, as well as use as little of the earth’s resources as possible. This means we pay extra attention to all stages in a product’s life cycle: raw material – manufacturing – distribution – product performance – waste management.

  • Our view of Sustainability

    Every day, in very operation we do, we keep our minds on acting in the most sustainable way possible. DOWNLOAD


It´s all about profit

Basically you’re in the business to do business. Which in turn means profit on the bottom line, every year when you close your company books.

In the short term you might save Euros by using cheap products in your operation, but in the long term both you and we know that quality products pay off.

Higher quality, higher cleaning performance, better durability, lower stress on cleaning personnel = best possible product life cycle costs.

That’s what Vileda Professional stands for, and that’s what you gain in a cooperation with us.

What else do you need?

We know that the key to success is listening carefully to your needs.

And because we do exactly that, we understand the daily needs of the cleaning business and therefore provide cleaning operators with the best possible solutions.

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