MicroSorb/MicroSorb Light

Good value Microfibre cloth

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MicroSorb/MicroSorb Light

Product description

MicroSorb and MicroSorb Light are produced with endless Microfibres (patented Freudenberg technology).

The difference between the high-class product MicroSmart and the good-value product MicroSorb is the fibre structure. In MicroSorb not all fibres splitted completely.

Customer benefits

The benefit you get when choosing MicroSorb is clear. You get a high cleaning performance and durability for a low price.The price performance ratio for MicroSorb is excellent.

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
126856MicroSorbblue40 x 40 510126858
126855MicroSorbred40 x 40 510126857
133481MicroSorbyellow40 x 40510133488
133482MicroSorbgreen40 x 40 510133487
133483MicroSorb Lightblue40 x 40 510133489
133484MicroSorb Lightred40 x 40 510133490
133485MicroSorb Lightyellow40 x 40 510133491
133486MicroSorb Lightgreen40 x 40 510133492

Effective, durable, fast

MicroSorb is made off 2nd grade Evolon material with 170gr. per m². MicroSorb Light has 130gr. per m². It is highly reccommended to use for Bucket- and Spray cleaning in damp condition. Even in dry condition the MicroSorb is cleaning every surface with excellent results. With its availableity in four colors and the 100% Microfibre MicroSorb offers the highes hygiene standard when it comes to "low-cost" wipes.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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