WiPro (antibacterial)

All-round cloth with antibacterial properties

General Building - Best choice Health Care - Best choice HoReCa - Best choice

WiPro (antibacterial)

has strong antibacterial properties. This has been certified by the acknowledged Institute of Hohenstein in Germany.
WiPro (antibacterial) is the hygienic all-round cloth for Hotels/Restaurants/Catering, but is even at home in the General Building cleaning and Healthcare environments. It is best used with the bucket method and picks up spillages instantly. The WiPro features make it a flexible and versatile cleaning cloth.
WiPro can be used for almost every purpose and is "fool-proof" in use. Use it on all surfaces where damp and wet cleaning is required.

Art.no Case TSU Description Colour Size in cm Pieces/pack Packs/case Art.no. Pack BCU
137000 WiPro (antibacterial) yellow 36 x 42 20 10 137004
137001 WiPro (antibacterial) blue 36 x 42 20 10 137005
137002 WiPro (antibacterial) green 36 x 42 20 10 137006
137003WiPro (antibacterial)red36 x 422010137007

WiPro is a great value-for-money cloth. It is highly absorbent and the latex cleaning pattern contains a special compound which allows the removal of even dried-on marks and stains. WiPro is durable in use and washes very well.
WiPro (antibacterial) has got antibacterial properties which prevents the growth of germs in moist condition.

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