CombiSpeed Pro

- the only frame you need!

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CombiSpeed Pro

  • can be used with all commerical 40 cm and 50 cm pocket- and stripe mops
  • Robust construction
  • Protection of mops becaus of anti-slip stripes on bottom side
  • New light grey Vileda Professional design
  • Recommended handles:
    Aluminium handle (111529) or
    Aluminum handle contract (111672)

143572CombiSpeed Pro Mop Frame 40cm40 cm110143573
143580CombiSpeed Pro Mop Frame 50cm50 cm110143581

CombiSpeed Pro

One mop frame, two sizes, use it with all pocket and strip mop systems. The user-friendly and sturdy CombiSpeed Pro is the only frame you need for simple, effective flat mopping.
Versatility from Vileda Professional!

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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