UltraSpeed Pro Single Bucket Range

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UltraSpeed Pro Single Bucket Range

Developed for all general floor cleaning tasks. All systems feature a simple to use press, integrated handle holders and an easy to manoeuvre chassis. To simplify the choice we have created three kits:

1.  System : contains the mopping system; chassis, bucket and press

2.  Starter : containing the system plus mop frame and mop pad

3.  Ready to Go : containing the starter kit plus a telescopic mop handle

Additionally if you want to fulfil more cleaning tasks you can add the optional second bucket to the chassis to carry chemicals, cloths, paper etc. An ergonomic push bar is also available and all kits can be used with a choice of microfibre mops as well as specialist mops for cleaning safety floors.         

TSU Name Colour Size Pieces Packs BCU
147180 US Pro Single Bucket System 1 1 147191
147181 US Pro Single Bucket Starter Kit (Trio) 1 1 147192
147182 US Pro Single Bucket Starter Kit (ML) 1 1 147193
147184US Pro Single Bucket starterkit151147194
147186 US Pro Single Bucket Ready to Go Kit (MSP) 1 1 147195
147187 US Pro Single Bucket Ready to Go Kit (ML) 1 1 147196
147188 US Pro Single Bucket R-T-G Push 17 1 147197
147189 US Pro Single Bucket Ready to Go Kit Push (ML) 1 1 147198

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UltraSpeed Pro from Vileda Professional

How to wring the mop - Single Bucket


Whatever you cleaning requirements, UltraSpeed Pro will dramatically raise your standards in speed, performance, versatility and ergonomics.

Compared to current bucket-and-press systems, the UltraSpeed Pro flat mopping system outperforms them in every aspect.
• Clean over 750m2* per hour single step or 360m2** two step
• Faster wringing - simple to use and twice as fast***
• Efficient press - releases up to 50% more water***
• Floors dry faster – reduce slip hazards
• Hygienic – no hand contact with mops or cleaning solution
• Easy to use - no training required
• Ergonomic – lightweight, no bending to wring.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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