Disposable dust mops

removal of loose dirt and dust

Health Care - Good choiceGeneral Building - Best choiceHoReCa - Best choice

Impregnated Dust mops

For use in dry cleaning mood to remove loose dust and dirt.
Choose from a wide disposable range and sizes that can be used

  • as part of a maintenance system

  • as an intermediate cleaning step to reduce the frequency of wet or damp mopping.

  • as a preliminary cleaning step.

  • as part of a two-step floor cleaning process, removing fine dust particles and solid elements before damp or wet mopping.


The cleaning performance of the different viscose or polypropylene non-woven materials are improved with a special permanent oil impregnation treatment.

Products retain their effectiveness even if they are stored for some time.

High Performance dustmop refill (yellow)
The highest quality dustmop for maximum dust collection. Heavyweight viscose non-woven material, with the highest oil impregnation level for higher dirt collection. Its Softness helps provide a better floor coverage. Re-sealable pack: special LDPE/EVOH pack prevents oil migrating through the bag and avoids loss of mop impregnation. Ideal for HoReCa and Health Care environments with high cleaning requirements.

Disposible dust mop refill standard (red)
Economical wipe with low friction. Lightweight polypropylene non-woven material with a medium oil impregnation level, provides a good general cleaning performance at low cost. Re-closable bag: oil-resistant, made with LDPE. Ideal for General Building Cleaning and Health Care environment where budget is of high importance.

Art.no Case TSU Description Colour Size Pieces/pack Packs/case Art.no. Pack BCU
100553 Dust mop refill red 60 x 24 cm 50 20 101028
101268 Dust mop refill yellow 60 x 24 cm 25 20 110009
101269 Dust mop refill yellow 60 x 24 cm 50 10 102505
101270 Dust mop refill yellow 64 x 60 cm 25 10 102506
101271 Dust mop refill blue 60 x 24 cm 25 40 113362

Disposable dust mopping

Dust mopping reduces the frequency of more expensive and time consuming wet mopping methods, reducing the frequency of wet mopping.

The advantages are many:
High speed - the process itself is extremely fast as floors are left dry and can be walked on immediately after mopping.
Hygiene - disposable dust mops can help avoid the risk of possible cross contamination and as no water residues are left, there is a reduced risk of bacterial growth.
Chemical savings - no additional chemicals are required as part of the cleaning process.
Easy to use - mops are very light and ready to use immediately.

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Cleaning methods - dry

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