Express Interior Mop

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Express Interior Mop

The Interior Pad has been developed to effectively clean glass, mirrors, ceramics, plastics, laminates, stainless steel and many other glossy surfaces. As the pad is bigger than the frame it even cleans into the edges and corners of window frames effectively.

Just spray the Interior Pad, or the surface to be cleaned, with water from the trigger bottle and wipe the surface clean. The Interior Pad is designed to work perfectly with a variety of cleaning Tools and systems – like the 25cm Express frame and the hand held Padboy system – all using the hook and loop attachment method.
With a telescopic handle you clean safely over balconies, plus you easily reach up to 4m above floor level.

Customer benefits

  • Microfibre cleaning performance
  • Removes greasy dirt and fingerprints
  • Safe cleaning of balconies
  • Streak free finish
  • Fits a variety of tools and systems
  • Use with telescopic handle for high level cleaning Case TSU Description Colour Size Pieces/pack Packs/case Pack BCU
151983 Express Interior Mop, RBGY tags 30 cm 1 20 530561
151208 Express Pro V Mop Frame 25 cm 1 10 151232
120542 Padboy Hand Tool grey - 1 10 512992
120544 Padmaster Edging Tool grey - 1 10 512993
111384 Telescopic Handle, RBGY clips aluminium, blue 50-90 cm 1 10 111389
111380 Telescopic Handle, blue aluminium, blue 100-180 cm 1 10 111385
119966Telescopic Handle, RBGY clipsaluminium100-180 cm110119967

  • Interior cleaning brochure

    Learn more about the fast, efficient, safe and effective cleaning of challenging interior surfaces. Here

Trends in interior design are towards the use of glass, stainless steel, mirrors, tables, whiteboards and many other glossy finishes. These surfaces require specific solutions that traditional cleaning methods do not meet, resulting in poor results, increased cleaning time and costs. Vileda Professionals interior solutions offer fast, efficient, safe and effective cleaning of these challenging interior surfaces.

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