Origo Accessories

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Robust tray to use as working place or to store the cleaning utensils in different sizes for different needs.

  • Half tray to store one 15 L or 25 L bucket, or two 6 L buckets. Use it as well as storage place on one side of the trolley

  • Big tray to store two 15 L or two 25 L buckets, or four 6 L buckets. Use it as well as  storage place on the trolley

  • Rails are needed to add trays to your trolley Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
120783Half tray15120813
120784Big tray15120814
122572Rail set112122573

Origo Equipment

The Origo Line is designed to fit your individual needs.
There is a wide array of accessories to choose from - trays, buckets, drawers, lids, pre-boxes, frame holders, handle holders, flat-press, hooks and many more.
One trolley. Millions of possibilities.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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