Big in action, small in size

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When size and performance matters

With a size of 0.5 m2, the VoleoPro trolley is ideal when you need to carry a wide range of cleaning utensils, while keeping the footprint as small as possible. Being probably the most cleverly designed trolley you´ve ever seen, one of many advantages is that you don´t have to leave vital utensils behind – in spite of the compact size. Add what you need for the daily cleaning work – VoleoPro has been designed to perfectly fit and carry all Vileda Professional´s floor cleaning systems and much more. Now it´s clear – you’ll see that VoleoPro is big in performance, but still compact in size.

“Clean” exterior

One of the major advantages is that all large cleaning tools and accessories are kept within the trolley´s outer limits. With nothing sticking out, the trolley is really designed for tight spots. Plus it is really easy to manoeuvre – and to store – where space is limited.

Ready to clean, out of the box

Another major advantage is the quick and easy assembly. Just open the flat box, take out the VoleoPro parts, spend a couple of minutes of putting the parts together – without
tools – and you are ready to go!

Product description

The new VoleoPro is a compact trolley with a unique 2 aluminum V-design pillar structure. It can be equipped with a multifunctional bridge, which can carry 1 Vileda
Professional Box as well as small items like bin bag rolls, spray bottles, etc. The unique design of the trolley ensures, that large cleaning tools and accessories are not exceeding the outer limits of the small-sized trolley footprint of 0.5 m². Big Ø150 mm
fixed rear castors and Ø100 mm swivel front castors are giving the VoleoPro an easy maneuverability even in narrow corridors or when steps have to be passed. All the
integrated intelligent functions like the frame holder or the exchangeable various types of hooks etc. are making the trolley to the perfect solution that grows with your demands.

Art.-Nr. TSU (KTN)ArtikelbezeichnungFarbeGrößeStück in BCUBCU in TSUArt.-Nr. BCU
143720VoleoPro Basic920x515x104511143721
143724VoleoPro Standard920x515x112511143725

Product related documents

You need to carry a range of cleaning utensils around. Ideally a complete cleaning cabinet.
On the other hand you need a flexible and compact trolley, discrete when in use. Plus it fits
into the smallest of storage rooms.
The VoleoPro trolley from Vileda Professional is your perfect solution that grows with your
demands. Big on the inside, small at the outside.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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