Hygiene Foam Squeegee

Rubber squeegee solution when hygiene is important

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Hygiene Foam Squeegee


Ideal for places where large amounts of water must be dispersed (e.g. kitchens). Recommended, when hygiene is extremely important. For wet push and pull applications. To get the maximum performance use it in pull actions (allows better
pressure on the floor and therefore better collection of dirt and water). It will also result in better sliding effect and increased ergonomic standards.


• All materials used in the Squeegee Hygiene range are FDA 21CFR compliant. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved components for food and drugs producing environment
• Natural light green rubber. Certificated HACCP. Closed cells (high density)


• Green natural rubber: Hygienicfoam with closed cells. Double rubber blade
• Color coded caps (changeable for each work zone, minimising the risk of cross-contamination)
• Universal handle connector (collar & -clip). Fits Vileda aluminum handles (telescopic & universal)
• Splash guard. At both sides of the frame to prevent the liquid from spilling over the squeegee


The closed cells of the natural green rubber has a higher density that provides:
• Lower water absorption than with traditional synthetic black squeegee, leading to increasing hygienic standards.
• Higher elasticity which contributes to easily have a much higher cleaning performance
even on rougher surface.
• Shows much stronger resistance to mechanical actions thanks to its toughness composition and its resistance to wear.

TSU Name Colour Size Pieces Packs BCU
141972Hygiene Foam Squeegee 45 cmblue45 cm26141974

Professional foam blade squeegees for superior and ergonomic dragging results. Products with best material for best results in all professional push and pull applications.

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Cleaning methods - wet, damp, dry

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