HACCP complying pedal bins

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The Hera range of pedal bins

comply with HACCP recommendations for 'hands free' operation, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications - from healthcare patient rooms through to food preparation areas where it is crucial to avoid cross contamination.

The slow closing lid is ideal for use in quiet environments, and the integrated bag holder and anti slip rubber feet are just some of the advantages incorporated into the design.

The Hera range is available in 3 sizes (35l, 60l and 85l) and 6 colours.

Special Features

  • Hands Free Operation - complies with HACCP recommendations
  • Large pedal - ideal for use with safety shoes in professional environments
  • Overlapping lid design - keeps odours inside
  • Integrated bag holder – ensures the correct fit of your waste bag
  • Smooth design – easy to clean
  • Anti-slip rubber bumpers – avoids movement in use and protects flooring
  • 3 sizes - 35l, 60l and 85l
  • 6 colours - Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Beige and White
Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
137678Hera - 35l Pedal Binred39x39x4411137746
137679Hera - 35l Pedal Binblue39x39x4411137747
137680Hera - 35l Pedal Binyellow39x39x4411137748
137681Hera - 35l Pedal Binblack39x39x4411137749
137682Hera - 35l Pedal Binbeige39x39x4411137750
137683Hera - 35l Pedal Binwhite39x39x4411137751
137684Hera - 60l Pedal Binred39x39x6911137752
137685Hera - 60l Pedal Binblue39x39x6911137753
137686Hera - 60l Pedal Binyellow39x39x6911137754
137687Hera - 60l Pedal Binblack39x39x6911137755
137688Hera - 60l Pedal Binbeige39x39x6911137756
137689Hera - 60l Pedal Binwhite39x39x6911137757
137690Hera - 85l Pedal Binred49x39x7911137758
137691Hera - 85l Pedal Binblue49x39x7911137759
137692Hera - 85l Pedal Binyellow49x39x7911137760
137693Hera - 85l Pedal Binblack49x39x7911137761
137694Hera - 85l Pedal Binbeige49x39x7911137762
137695Hera - 85l Pedal Binwhite49x39x7911137763

Hera Promotion Video

Vileda Professional is a market leader in developing and manufacturing cost effective cleaning system. And we have reached our position by listening to cleaning professionals, understanding their needs and creating innovative solutions to fulfil them.
By taking this philosophy into waste management, we are able to offer a range of products that are ahead of traditional solutions. Like the innovative 'combined materials' metallic recycling and waste bins, HACCP ‘hands free’ complying pedal bins, multi-purpose durable bins and wheeled 100l containers. 

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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