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Toilet bowl

This is the perfect breeding place for bacteria, if the toilet bowl is not cleaned effectively. Tough and ground-in dirt needs to be cleaned in one effective move, without contamination.

Bath tub

Lime scale and ground-in dirt are challenges for the cleaner. Fast and effective cleaning without scratching the delicate surface is required. And the taps need to be shiny.


Lime scale is typical for sinks, which requires effective cleaning without scratching the delicate surface. Ideally the same cloth should be used for the sink and the taps.


Rough floors, which eliminate slipping, are a challenge for bathroom floor cleaning. Microfiber is ideal for deep cleaning of rough surfaces.


A delicate surface that needs to be clean and shiny. Ideal for microfiber wiping, that cleans in one move without the need for after drying.


Let it shine!

No matter in what environment you enter the bathroom, you expect to find it in absolute tiptop, hygienic and shiny shape to keep your guest happy!

A crisp and clean result

With the correct cleaning utensils you keep the bathroom both shining and antiseptic.
We have what you need for a top hygienic result, fast and easy and with a minimum risk of cross contamination.


A trip around the bathroom

Click on the bathroom hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a superb cleaning result. 

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Vileda Professionals view on product design

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