General Building

Computer screen

Delicate surface that requires soft cleaning with non-scratch material. Check with manufacturer´s recommendations.

Table tops

Dust, coffee stains, fatty fingerprints, ink etc – a walk in the park for effective microfibre wiping.


The office is normally an environment with lots of furniture and obstacles as table and chair legs. Easy-to-maneuvre mops with long-range handles to minimise stress on the back is ideal.


A clean working environment

Daytime office cleaning puts high demands on both utensils and the cleaning staff. Top cleaning result without interfering with the office business is the trick.

Complete office solutions

Our range of cleaning systems and solutions covers the complete office needs and all kinds of surfaces – from reception to kitchen and bathrooms.
And with a performance that cuts time needed for cleaning the various surfaces.


A trip around the office

Click on the hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a top cleaning result. 

Product selection for: Computer screen (1)

Product selection for: Table tops (2)

Product selection for: Floor (1)

Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

Vileda Professionals view on product design

High quality products that really do the job are a big part of our company philosophy.
Check out our view on product design and ergonomics.

Product design and ergonomics