One trolley. Millions of possibilities.

New contracts, new demands, new methods, new staff.

If there is one thing certain about cleaning in the future it’s that there will be changes. Lots of changes.

Right now. Right tomorrow. That´s the philosophy when we designed and developed the Vileda Professional Origo trolley range. As conditions constantly change, so do the demands on the ideal trolley set-up and configuration. So instead of investing in new trolleys as contracts change – just re-configure or retrofit the one you already have. The Origo.

meets the demands for constantly changing conditions


With maximum flexibility and changeability in mind we created the new Origo Line trolleys. You can either choose one of our standard configurations or have your trolley customised exactly to your requirements. And when your requirements change – customise it again! In theory, there are over 1.2 million possible combinations available.

System center

In practice, you’ve got the centre of a complete cleaning system that is prepared for whatever the future has to offer.
Whatever your cleaning environments are or whatever cleaning utensils you need to carry, they will fit on your Origo. From the extensive list of accessories (see below) you can configure your Origo to your exact needs.

User friendly

The award winning design team behind the Origo has put every effort into designing the trolley of a new century. Adjustable handlebars, height adjustable trays and drawers, free choice of castor size, great manoeuvrability and fullythought-
through design result in a state-of-the-art cleaning tool.
As an effect of that, you will start to see improved cleaning results, efficiency and more motivated cleaning staff.

Component Header

Origo 100

Origo 100 is based on a plastic platform. The configuration is fixed, with fixed tray and bin bag holder.
Origo 100 can be assembled without tools, and accessories are partly compatible with Origo 300 and 500.

Configure your own Origo at www.origo.vileda.com

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
127004Origo 100FX11127005
121540Origo 100FX11121541

F = with working platform (e.g. UltraSpeed)
H = One compartment with different levels for maximal storage at minimum space
X = Extension for waste collection

Component Header

Origo 300

 Origo 300 is based on a plastic platform, and fitting all cleaning methods.
It has a fixed bin bag holder with integrated steering bar and with later possibilities to partly retrofit.
Accessories compatible with Origo 500 series - this means that parts can be swapped between the series, making it easy for users to always have an optimized Origo fleet.

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
120763Origo 300HHX11120794
121570Origo 300F11121571
121596Origo 300HX11121597

F = /explanation/
H = /explanation/
X = /explanation/

Component Header


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Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
120761Origo 500HHX11120792
120768Origo 500FX11120799
121614Origo 500HX11121615

F = /explanation/
H = /explanation/
X = /explanation/

Component Header

Origo Equipment

There is a wide array of accessories to choose from - trays, buckets, drawers, lids, pre-boxes, frame holders, handle holders, flat-press, hooks and many more.

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
113971UltraSpeed wringer10508096
114001Bucket 15 ltr.blue10508242
114002Bucket 25 ltr.blue10508243
114003Colour coding clip set203114012
120772Handle holder116120812
120778Bin bag clamp metal110120820
120780Lid for pre-box15120822
120781Lid for bin bag, 70 ltr.15120809
120785Origo 500 frame holder15120815
120786Origo 100/300 frame holder15120816
120787Display for cleaning plan110120818
120788SwepDuo press11120817
120789Steering bar - long side version15120823
120944Origo bucket longish, 25 ltr. with colour coding clips110120945
122538Origo 500 extension for bin14122552
122554Origo 100/300 extension for bin16122555
122570Bin bag holder plastic13122571
122572Rails kit212122573
122613UltraSpeed press with G-lever110122614
123525Bin bag surround10514792
125948Lid for 6 ltr. bucket112125949
126530Steering bar - short side version15126531
126577Bin bag surround 70 ltr.10515835
127478Origo 500 covering - rear wall kit1516332
127480Origo 300 covering - side wall kit long1516336
127481Origo 300 covering - rear wall kit1516335
127482Origo 500 covering - side wall kit short1516333
127750Origo 500 covering - side wall kit long1516464
127751Side wall holder25516465
127753Hinge for covering20516468
127755Magnet holder (incl. magnet)25516470
127756Rear wall holder25516471
127794Cover for spacer50513219
127885Vertical press1516521

Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

Vileda Professionals view on product design

High quality products that really do the job are a big part of our company philosophy.
Check out our view on product design and ergonomics.

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