Research and Development

Investing in your cleaning results



R&D for your benefit

Three pillars, which we base our work on, will add benefits to our customers in terms of excellent products and solutions:
1. Investing in both research and development means that we are working more and more on basic understanding of dirt avoidance and removal.
2. We do extensive networking to adjacent and far-off knowledge areas, to get input for new and revolutionary cleaning ideas.
3. We listen carefully to our customers demands and needs for their daily cleaning work.

Leaders in innovation

More than 60 engineers and developers are constantly working with developing high quality and business leading products and solutions.
A majority of these engineers and developers are based in Weinheim, Germany.

We know that the key to success is listening carefully to your needs.

And because we do exactly that, we understand the daily needs of the cleaning business and therefore provide cleaning operators with the best possible solutions.

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