MicroLite 60

disposable 100% microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths

Microfibres have a thickness of less than 1dtex (1g/10,000m) or 1 Denier (1g/9,000m). The fineness of these fibres improve cleaning performance through:
• Capillary action
• Larger surface area
• One wipe cleaning
• Reductions in chemical usage

Common issues with durable microfibres
• Cross contamination if not changed often/ between areas.
• Must have access to laundry facilities. Require regular laundering to remove dirt and grease.
• Training issues – costly if thrown away by mistake instead of laundered.
• Loss of cloths through theft.

Benefits of MicroLite 60
• Disposing of the cloth after each use reduces the risk of cross contamination and concerns over spores surviving the washing process.
• Removal of bacteria
• Folded to provide 8 large cleaning surfaces
• Low linting
• Less water and chemical required
• Suitable for use with hypochlorite
• High wet strength

Component Header

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
141202MicroLite 60blue40 x 30 cm1005141203
141204MicroLite 60red40 x 30 cm1005141205
141206MicroLite 60green40 x 30 cm1005141207
141208MicroLite 60yellow40 x 30 cm1005141209

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  • Product Data Sheet

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The low unit price makes MicroLite 60 a truly disposable microfibre cloth, solving all the issues relating to durable cloths.

MicroLite 60 requires no investment in laundry facilities and staff do not need to change their current cleaning practices. Available in 4 colours to promote excellent hygiene standards.

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