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Superior Performance

Superior Performance The strong resin to fibre bond results in even wearing of fibres and abrasive resulting in consistently effective cleaning performance. Vileda Scourers are manufactured from Nylon which does not rust, splinter, clog and are easier to rinse out. Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
100233Super Scourer Largegreen15 x 23 cm105100811
100552Heavy Duty Scourergreen15 x 23 cm105101027
101895Super Scourer Smallgreen12 x 15 cm205102575
101897Utility Scourergreen23 x 15cm10100
106442M4 Green Scourergreen23 x 15cm10100
106443M2 Green Scourergreen15 x 12cm20100
106454Blue Scourerblue23 x 15cm10100
112206S21 Contract Scourer Smallgreen15 x 12cm20100
112208S11 Green Scourergreen23 x 15cm10500
115320Very Fine Finishing Padmaroon23 x 15cm1050

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Not all scourers are the same
Poor quality scourers wear quickly and
once the top layer of abrasive fibres
have worn you are left with a scourer
that takes more time and effort to clean
Every fibre in a Vileda Scourer is coated
with grit and resin, this penetration of
abrasive ensures a superb cleaning
action throughout the scourers lifetime.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerDo not tumble dryCleaning methods - wet, damp

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