Pre-prepared 100% disposable microfibre mopping system

Health Care - Good choiceGeneral Building - Best choiceHoReCa - Best choice

One area, one mop –no cross contamination!

  • Removes soil, dust and microorganisms from the floor
    in one operation.
    With single use, the mop pad removes concerns over spores surviving the washing process and reduces the risk of cross contamination

Barrier pad

Used to attach the microfibremop pads to the 35cm Swepframe
•velcro holds the mop pad in place.
•cushioned base for operator comfort.
•can be laundered.

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
135980Swispo Barrier Padgrey35cm1100
135981Swispo Express Mop Padgreen35cm1100
135982Swispo Express Mop Padred35cm1100
135983Swispo Express Mop Padyellow35cm1100
135984Swispo Express Mop Padblue35cm1100
135985Swispo Express Mop Padwhite35cm1100

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Ultimate hygiene
Swispois designed as a disposable microfibremopping system, making it ideal for use in many areas including isolation, operating theatres and other hygiene critical areas. It can be used dry for dust control prior to mopping.

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