SuperMop Ag Refill

The super hygienic solution for fast and intensive floor cleaning

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SuperMop Ag

Improved cleaning results

The new modern design and effective zig-zag edges are definitely more than a facelift. Our tests* found that compared with the previous mop generation, the new SuperMop Ag picks up 30% more loose dirt, is 5% more absorbent and has a more even water release; reducing streaking and allows floors to dry quicker and more evenly.

The monoclick handle connector has also been improved, increasing the connection force between mop head and handle by over 20% ensuring the mop heads stay securely connected during mopping.

Remove and kill bacteria!
Vileda Professional are experts in the anti-bacterial properties of silver ions and how to translate these benefits into our products. Independent tests** show Professional Supermop Ag has remarkable anti-bacterial activity, inhibiting the growth of bacteria (bacteriostatic activity) by 99.99%.

• Contains silver ions
• Independently tested to inhibit bacteria growth by 99.99%
• Oval design - allows easy cleaning of corners
• Colour-coded in four colours to avoid cross contamination
• Machine washable at 60ºC but can be washed up to 95º


• Very high resistance to detergents and chemicals

• Improved monoclick fitting - 20% better attachment force

• Low friction, lightweight non-woven material
• Highly absorbent for spill pick up
• Releases liquids easily during wringing, to leave floors drier, therefore, back in use faster

Component Header Case TSUDescriptionColourSize cmPieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
137904SuperMop AgBlue33 x 10124137908
137905SuperMop AgRed33 x 10124137909
137906SuperMop AgGreen33 x 10124137910
137907SuperMop AgYellow33 x 10124137911

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The best mop just got better

The new Vileda Professional Supermop Ag is a hygienic solution for fast, effective and intensive cleaning of small and medium sized floor areas.
The unique construction that hinders the growth and multiplication of bacteria, now has silver ions added that inhibit 99.99% of bacteria growth within the mop. All packed in a new, modern and fresh looking design.

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Vileda Professionals view on product design

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