DynaCross Superpads

High performance and superior durability

Health Care - Best choice General Building - Best choiceHoReCa - Best choice

DynaCross Superpads

DynaCross Superpads are designed to last longer, do the job faster, prolong the life of floor coatings and protect the investment in floor care machinery.
The secret of DynaCross Superpads' performance lies in its special cross-lay production. Furthermore, DynaCross Superpads use the highest quality fibres, resins and abrasives.

Better cleaning results
Due to the cross-lay technique, more fibre ends point towards the cleaning surface, which increases the performance throughout the lifetime.

Protects the machinery and the cleaning staff
Improved machine stability means less stress on machine motors and easier handling for operators.


Black - High aggression pad for quick, complete wet stripping of old polish. High level of chemical resistance ensures high square metre coverage.

Maroon - Used for mainteinance of floors
Tan - Soft fibres allow a high gloss level to be built up quickly.

Green - Quickly removes heavy soil and scuff marks with minimal damage to the floor finish, extending the strip and re-coat cycle.

Grey - For optimal cleaning of vinyl safety floors.

Blue - A fast spray cleaning result with minimal removal of the floor finish.

Red - Builds a fast gloss when spray burnishing.

White - Designed for dry burnishing to quickly build an extremely high gloss level.

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
01DynaCross Superpadgrey220/8815507888
02DynaCross Superpadgrey255/8815507889
03DynaCross Superpadgrey265/8815513397
05DynaCross Superpadgrey380/8815507894
06DynaCross Superpadgrey410/8815507895
07DynaCross Superpadgrey430/8815507896
08DynaCross Superpadblack165/8815507957
09DynaCross Superpadblack220/8815507959
10DynaCross Superpadblack255/8815507961
11DynaCross Superpadblack265/8815513396
12DynaCross Superpadblack280/8815507962
13DynaCross Superpadblack330/8815507964
14DynaCross Superpadblack360/8815507965
15DynaCross Superpadblack380/8815507966
16DynaCross Superpadblack410/8815507967
17DynaCross Superpadblack430/8815507968
18DynaCross Superpadblack460/8815507969
19DynaCross Superpadblack500/8815507970
20DynaCross Superpadblack540/8815507971
21DynaCross Superpadbrown165/8815507910
22DynaCross Superpadbrown220/8815507911
23DynaCross Superpadbrown255/8815507912
24DynaCross Superpadbrown280/8815509310
25DynaCross Superpadbrown330/8815507906
26DynaCross Superpadbrown360/8815507907
27DynaCross Superpadbrown380/8815507914
28DynaCross Superpadbrown410/8815507904
29DynaCross Superpadbrown430/8815507901
30DynaCross Superpadbrown460/8815507905
31DynaCross Superpadbrown480/8815507915
32DynaCross Superpadbrown500/8815507902
33DynaCross Superpadgreen165/8815507935
34DynaCross Superpadgreen220/8815507938
35DynaCross Superpadgreen255/8815507940
36DynaCross Superpadgreen265/8815513398
37DynaCross Superpadgreen280/8815507941
38DynaCross Superpadgreen310/8815507942
39DynaCross Superpadgreen330/8815507943
40DynaCross Superpadgreen360/8815507945
41DynaCross Superpadgreen380/8815507946
42DynaCross Superpadgreen410/8815507947
43DynaCross Superpadgreen430/8815507948
44DynaCross Superpadgreen460/8815507950
45DynaCross Superpadgreen480/8815507951
46DynaCross Superpadgreen500/8815507952
47DynaCross Superpadgreen540/8815507954
48DynaCross Superpadtan220/8815507919
50DynaCross Superpadtan280/8815507921
51DynaCross Superpadtan330/8815507923
52DynaCross Superpadtan410/8815507926
53DynaCross Superpadtan430/8815507927
54DynaCross Superpadtan500/8815507930
55DynaCross Superpadblue220/8815508018
56DynaCross Superpadblue255/8815508019
57DynaCross Superpadblue265/8815514595
58DynaCross Superpadblue280/8815508020
59DynaCross Superpadblue330/8815508022
60DynaCross Superpadblue360/8815508023
61DynaCross Superpadblue380/8815508024
62DynaCross Superpadblue410/8815508025
63DynaCross Superpadblue430/8815508026
64DynaCross Superpadblue460/8815508027
65DynaCross Superpadblue500/8815508029
66DynaCross Superpadred220/8815508002
67DynaCross Superpadred255/8815508003
69DynaCross Superpadred280/8815508004
70DynaCross Superpadred330/8815508006
71DynaCross Superpadred360/8815508013
72DynaCross Superpadred380/8815508007
73DynaCross Superpadred410/8815508008
74DynaCross Superpadred430/8815508016
75DynaCross Superpadred460/8815508009
76DynaCross Superpadred500/8815508011
77DynaCross Superpadwhite220/8815507975
78DynaCross Superpadwhite255/8815507976
79DynaCross Superpadwhite330/8815507978
80DynaCross Superpadwhite360/8815507979
81DynaCross Superpadwhite380/8815507980
82DynaCross Superpadwhite410/8815507981
83DynaCross Superpadwhite430/8815507982
84DynaCross Superpadwhite460/8815507983
85DynaCross Superpadwhite480/8815507984
86DynaCross Superpadwhite500/8815507985

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High stability and even wear across the pad surface without “roll-back” of fibres – that´s DynaCross superpads from Vileda Professional.
Abrasive penetrates through the whole thickness of the pad for a longer effective life.  High chemical resistance and no colour leaching, thanks to high quality materials.
There’s a Vileda DynaCross Superpad for every purpose and every floor. For stripping, scrubbing, polishing and cleaning. Comes in different grades and sizes, for all different machine speeds.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerDo not tumble dryCleaning methods - wet, damp, dry

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