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ClickSpeed disposable mops

The ClickSpeed mopping system combines the strength of a mopping system with the flexibility of a floorcloth system.

The nonwoven disposable mop contains microfibre and carries the patented novolon structure to pick up loose dirt. The mops are colour coded to avoid cross contamination. After use the mops are thrown away. No high investment in mops is required. ClickSpeed disposable mops cost as much as the wash cost for a durable mop in an external laundry. Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
138652ClickSpeed disposable mopred44 x 20506138655
138653ClickSpeed disposable mopblue44 x 20506138656

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ClickSpeed application video

ClickSpeed - all new flat mopping concept

Vileda Professional offers now a cost effective system for damp flat mopping.

ClickSpeed is the answer to customer requests for a floor cleaning system in the low to mid investment range. The ClickSpeed system has a unique and patented mop frame, which is very easy to handle and use. Simply drop the mop on the floor, slide in the frame and then click-close the magnetic mop holder. This means touch-less handling of dirty mops, which is beneficial to the user's hygiene.

ClickSpeed can be used with either microfibre durable mops or with microfibre based disposable mops.

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