An area prone to spillages. Lots of water needs to be absorbed and removed of swiftly. Pre-rinsing of dishes before they are placed in the dishwasher, grease and water from cooking equipment and utensils.

Stove grille

Often fat from pots, pans and spillages from cooking burns onto hot surfaces. Removal of this burnt on dirt is a daily challenge in the restaurant kitchen.

Hot plate

Tough dirt and fatty spillages that are often burnt onto the hot surface require tough utensils to clean them.

Kitchen Floor

Rough safety floors with fatty spillages are a tough combination that needs special attention. A hygienic result can only be achieved by cleaning with lots of water, the right detergent and microfibre textiles.


Surfaces are prone to water and fat spillages and food debris after food preparation. Removal should be swift to prevent bacteria build up and to maintain a clean and tidy working area.


A clean kitchen
keeps your business healthy

Maintaining maximum levels of hygiene in the kitchen or catering facilities is critical for the long term performance and reputation of the business. Not only do you keep your customers healthy and happy, but a clean and well-kept kitchen improves cooking standards and staff wellbeing.

A crisp and clean result

By selecting the correct products you optimise cleanliness and minimise bacteria and cross contamination.

We have the correct tools and systems to achieve hygiene standards!


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