Operating theatre

General Building


The dirt is not always visible on walls, but be sure it is there. Fast and effective cleaning maintains high hygiene levels.


Effective cleaning to eliminate bacteria spreading and contamination is top priority. Dust, dirt, spillage etc must be cleaned away as soon as poosible, and 100 % effectively.

General surfaces

Top hygiene and cleaning without contamination is paramount in an operating theatre. Dirty/infected areas must be cleaned immediately to maximise hygiene.


Highest possible demands

Few environments put as high demands on hygiene and cleanliness as an operating theatre. Inferior hygiene is a threat to both the patient and the hospital.

Keep the highest possible standard

Regardless of surface, there is a solution for top hygienic results within our product portfolio. Microfibre products in our range offer bacteria reduction of up to 99.99% without the use of chemical!


A trip around the O.R.

Click on the hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a top hygienic cleaning result.

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