Public toilet

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Urinal/ WC

This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, if the bowl is not cleaned effectively. Tough and ground-in dirt needs to be cleaned in one effective move, without cross contamination.


Rough safety floors, which eliminate slipping are a challenge for bathroom floor cleaning. Microfibre and abrasive mop pads are ideal for deep cleaning of rough structures.


Keep it better than expected!

A clean public toilet will improve the image of your business to both customers and staff. It can be a tough place to keep clean and tidy, especially as it is normally a high traffic area. Therefore, you need to clean as quickly as possible but without jeopardising the overall cleaning result.

A crisp and clean result

With the correct cleaning utensils you can keep the public toilet both clean and inviting.
We have what you need for a top result!


A trip around the bathroom

Click on the toilet hot spots, and find out what products are the most suitable for a superb cleaning result. 

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