Outstanding product design

Feel better, look better, clean better


The Vileda Professional design philosophy - a smart balanced product architecture


The Vileda Professional philosophy has always been not to float with the current, but being ahead with intelligent product & system designs. Everything - from the smallest fabric to the future cleaning visions - should match this identity. The outcome - clear forms with smooth transitions, smartly balanced on ergonomic, aesthetic and functional criteria. For the user, this means attractive products to work with and top ergonomics.

No two bodies
are alike

Tall or short, big or small hands, heavily or delicately built – cleaning utensils must fit every body type.
That´s why we develop products that are adjustable and flexible so every user can work in the most comfortable and relaxed position. And thereby reduce muscular stress.




Each user and each workflow is individual.
That´s why we consider all elements that are related to individual physical ergonomics when designing our cleaning utensils.
Elements like human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics.

Soft touch and feel

By carefully selecting the correct material for handles and grips, we create a comfortable and “safe” feeling while using our products in action.
This specifically goes for handles, grips and steering bars, which is created – and having surface material – that promotes both the best possible ergonomics plus a nice feel when gripped.
Also the Evolon material used in microfibre cloths has a soft and subtle feel.



Easy-to-identify colour scheme

Feeling good, functioning well and looking attractive –these are demands on every Vileda Professional product.
The colour scheme has been carefully worked out to meet this aesthetic demand, but also to make our products easy to identify and to stand out in the products crowd.

We know that the key to success is listening carefully to your needs.
And because we do exactly that, we understand the daily needs of the cleaning business and therefore provide cleaning operators with the best possible solutions.

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