"Helping you make a difference" is our tag line.

And be sure that everything we provide you with will make a difference in your business – whether it’s products, training or support.

We believe that high quality, high performance cleaning is the way to both: keep on-going assignments and win new contracts that last for long.

We believe that providing your staff with easy-to-use and ergonomic products is the way to helping them stay motivated and healthy.

Once you’ve experienced the difference, it’s easy to see the benefits.
Ready for some facts?

Cut costs. Not efficiency.

While speed is clearly important, there's a huge difference between cleaning fast and cleaning effectively. But with the right methods, systems and knowledge you can speed up cleaning performance dramatically.

By selecting the right cloth for each surface it's possible to cut cleaning time by up to 50% without sacrificing the cleaning result.





Simplicity pays.

Besides maximum efficiency, Vileda Professional has another straightforward mission: To create user-friendly and easy-to-understand methods and systems.

The result - a flying start for new or inexperienced staff, plus substantial cost savings

Products made to be seen.

In the old days most offices were cleaned at night. Today, your personnel often works during the daytime and has to blend into many different environments – whilst always looking positive and professional.
Modern, functional, well-designed products with an attractive, professional image will help you create the right impression at the cleaning sites.



Think healthy = healthy thinking.

We innovate, develop and manufacture products for people. We're absolutely convinced that people who feel well and like their tools, perform better.

In the end, this definitely contributes to better business, less staff absence, less administration and less need for hiring new personnel.

The more you know, the more effective can you be.

Right method for the job

One vital condition for both cleaning result and economy is choosing the right method for the job. Consult us and we’ll guide you to the most effective solution, for example
Large sites with access to laundry - we recommend pre-prepared cleaning with Swep and microfibre wipes.
• Small sites with limited access to water – we recommend Spray Express and microfibre wiping as the best solution.
• General sites - our UltraSpeed bucket-and- wringer method is the natural choice.

All in all we cover all your cleaning needs.