Invest a little, save a lot.
How to cut costs and not efficiency.

You can save some Euro-cents when buying a cheap cloth. You can save Euros when acquiring a second grade quality floor cleaning system.
But it’s the figures on the bottom line that counts. It’s the actual cost-in-use that counts when you have taken quality, washability, water consumption, labor costs, sick leave etc into consideration. And when you do that mathematics, Vileda Professional generally comes out as the winner.

So in the long run it pays off to invest a little to save a lot.



Clean away the old habits.

Are you ready for nicer figures on the bottom line?

It’s definitely possible to polish the figures by changing into modern cleaning concepts.

Do business with Vileda Professional and you will get access to our expert knowledge in effective cleaning.

And to tailor-made training on how to clean in the most economical and timesaving ways.


Take good care of your people.

Keeping sick leave to a minimum boosts your profit, that’s for sure.

That’s why we offer cleaning products that definitely improve your staff’s well-being.

For example microfibre cloths with one-step cleaning performance for minimizing strain on hands and wrists. Award-winning ergonomic handles, or floor-cleaning systems that minimize lifting of heavy water buckets.


Cut costs. Not efficiency.

Keep your contracts by cleaner cleaning.

The key question is how clean you clean. Not only how fast you clean.

This means that only the player that offers 100% customer satisfaction will get a contract renewal.

With methods, systems and products from Vileda Professional you can be sure to clean both fast and effectively.


So you think you know how to clean?

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game.

Of course you can win contracts based on the lowest price, but in the long run the quality of cleaning is always part of the deal.

There's no room for streaks, scuffmarks, floors drenched in water or bacteria transfer any more. Clean, tidy and safe office is the name of the game.

How to get there is simple when you do business with Vileda Professional.


“No cleaning agents in my drinking water, please”.

Less is more. At least when it comes to modern cleaning.

Cleaning with lots of chemicals and water belongs to the past and does not apply to modern environmental thinking.

That’s why we offer a range of microfibre products, that clean in-depth without cleaning agents or excessive water usage, and the durable approach minimizes waste management.

Quite simply – a lower impact on both environment and wallet.


Tomorrow was here already yesterday.

How to keep your nose clean.

Whichever way you look at it, adopting responsible and sustainable systems, solutions and procedures makes good business sense.

It reduces costs and attracts customers who care about green credentials, it raises staff morale and it puts you ahead of the game when legislation becomes tighter on responsible waste management and sustainability.

Above all, it will help saving the world’s natural resources.