MicroOne Swep Duo

Single use microfibre mop


MicroOne Swep Duo

Double sided microfibre flat mop for use with the Vileda Swep Duo pre-prepared cleaning system.

MicroOne Swep Duo is supplied in a handy plastic bag with re-sealable label that fits perfectly inside a pre-preparation box.

Available in four colours to suit HACCP requirements and allow easy identification within different application areas or departments.

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150375MicroOne Swep Duo MopRed50cm1510150390
150376MicroOne Swep Duo MopYellow50cm1510150391
150377MicroOne Swep Duo MopGreen50cm1510150392

  • MicroOne Swep Duo Mop

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The MicroOne range of microfibre mops are engineered to offer the advantages of single use applications whilst maintaining the look and performance of a durable mop.

All mops in the MicroOne range have a proven 99.99% bacteria reduction and are compliant with a wide range of cleaning solutions, including chlorine-based disinfectants.

Within health care settings the single use concept reduces the risk of cross contamination dramatically as one mop is used per patient room and simply disposed of after use.

In sites without laundry, MicroOne is durable enough for a single days cleaning before being disposed of. No more issues of storing damp mops in cleaning cupboards overnight.

Main benefits of MicroOne are:
• Microfibre Flat Mop Cleaning Performance
• Certified 99.99% Bacterial removal
• Fast stubborn dirt removal and spill pick up
• High Absorbency
• Low friction
• Double the absorbency of comparable mops
• Superior floor coverage when pre-prepared
• The look and feel of a durable mop
• Colour coded Blue, Red, Green and Yellow
• Available for all flat mop systems - Velcro, Pocket, Swep Duo and UltraSpeed Pro

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Cleaning methods - wet, damp, dry

Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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