Mop'n Dry

with floor cloth MicroMulti

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Mop'n Dry with floor cloth MicroMulti

Achieve professional results with a simple mopping system!
Mop'n Dry is the result of three combined elements:

  • MultiSqueegee swivel

  • Floor cloth clips

  • Floor cloth MicroMulti with following features: 
    - knitted microfibre cloth for optimum cleaning performance
    - special pattern to reduce friction
    - for all floor types
    - for normally solid areas Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
145840Floor cloth MicroMultigrey60 x 35 cm1010145845
114472MultiSqueegee swivelblue50 cm110114474
116996Floor cloth clip205116997

Floor cloths

Durable and inured floor cloths with established
Vileda Professional quality. Useable with squeegees
or scrubbers on all hard floors.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerTumble dryCleaning methods - wet, damp

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