UltraHigh Speed pads

Perfect for ultra-high-speed burnishing to build up a high gloss level on hard floors

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UltraHigh Speed pads

Improved machine stability means less stress on machine motors and easier handling for operators, plus even wear across pad surface without roll-back of fibres.
The abrasive penetrates through the whole thickness of the pad for a longer and more effective life.


Superpads use only the highest quality fibres, resins and abrasives to ensure better chemical resistance, no colour leaching and more even wear of the pad.

Pads are manufactured to strict quality control tolerances to ensure it delivers the same performance time after time.

Pink - UHS Pad

  • For cleaning and polishing of slightly soiled floors
  • Provides a high gloss level

Yellow - UHS Pad

  • For removing the absolute minimum of polish
  • Soft fibers produce an even higher gloss Level

TSU Art. No Description Colour Size Products per BCU BCUs per TSU BCU Art. No
101913 Ultra HighSpeed pad pink 430/88 1 5 500983
101915 Ultra HighSpeed pad pink 480/88 1 5 500985
101917 Ultra HighSpeed pad pink 500/88 1 5 500987
105919 Ultra HighSpeed pad yellow 430/88 1 5 502640
101914 Ultra HighSpeed pad yellow 480/88 1 5 500984
101916 Ultra HighSpeed pad yellow 500/88 1 5 500986

Designed to last longer, do the job faster, prolong the life of floor coatings and protect your investment in floor care machinery.
The SuperPad range comes in a wide range of grades and sizes for all motor speeds and tasks.
Perfect for ultra-high-speed burnishing to build up a high gloss level on hard floors.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerDo not tumble dryCleaning methods - dry

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