Active fibre pads

Dynamic floor pad with power stripes

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Active fibre pad

Active fibre pad is ideal for stoneware floors and carpets, where excellent cleaning results can be achieved with just the minimum of effort.
Cleaning with the Active fibre pad is very simple and operators adapt quickly and do not require specialized training.


The materials of the Active fibre pad are a clever combination of white polyester/microfibre material and grey, abrasive brush fibre stripes.
The grey stripes, in combination with the microfibre, provide the mechanical effect. The fibres of the pad absorb a significant amount of cleaning solution and dirt, giving you a high m²- performance.
Active fibre pads can be machine washed after use. Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
118033Active Fibre padwhite5512070
118034Active Fibre pad5512071
118035Active Fibre pad5512072
118036Active Fibre pad5512073
118037Active Fibre pad5512074
118038Active Fibre pad5512075


The DynaCross Active fibre pad is designed to be used with single disc machines (max. 200 rpm).
The pad is perfectly suited for cleaning stoneware and unglazed tiles, where dirt usually sticks to the porous surface and is difficult to remove in a conventional and efficient way.
Also safety tiles and carpets can be cleaned using this pad.

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Max. washing temperatureNo chlorine/whitenerDo not tumble dryCleaning methods - wet, damp, dry

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