Superpad Grey

For top-stripping of coatings and wet cleaning of hard floors

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Superpad Grey

  • for dry or wet top-stripping of hard floor coatings. Homogenious taking off coatings, such as polymer – and metallized coatings, also only partially possible.
  • for wet cleaning of hard floors, especially for Safety floors, rough tiles and PVC with no need to use alkaline cleaning Solutions

Customer benefits

  • Efficient in use: The perfectly balanced abrasive level and the fine abrasive grains deliver a perfect taking-off coatings protecting the floor covering. Deep wet-cleaning effect of safety floors.
  • Time and cost saving: Saves time and costs, especially for usage with dry stripping process, no drying times. For safety floors fast and efficient cleaning with no need of alkaline cleaning solutions.
  • Certified quality: Confirmded perfromnce and quality tested by the German test institute FIGR Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/ Pack BCU
114140Superpad Grey grey310/88mm - 12inch15507891
114141Superpad Grey grey330/88mm - 13inch15507892
114142Superpad Grey grey360/88mm - 14inch15507893
114143Superpad Grey grey380/88mm - 15inch15507894
114144Superpad Grey grey410/88mm - 16inch15507895
114082Superpad Greygrey430/88mm - 17inch15507896
114145Superpad Grey grey500/88mm - 20inch15507897
114147Superpad Dynacros grey 500mm/20grey540/88mm - 21inch15507899

Superpad grey is a floorpad made out of high quality fibres, resins and abrasives, produced in a dense fibre construction and a perfectly balanced abrasive level.

To be used in floor cleaning applications on hard floors, such as PVC, rubber and structured safety floors/tiles with slip resistant surface.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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