VoleoPro - Standard

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VoleoPro - Standard

Plastic/Aluminum trolley
Manufactured from a combination out of strong plastic and strong aluminum with 2 anodized elliptical aluminum pillars in the center of the patented V-Shape design.
In the front are 2x Ø100 mm steel swivel castors with roller bearing and in the rear 2x big Ø150 mm castors with plain bearing for easy maneuverability and easy to pass small obstacles on the floor. With a weight of 9 kg the pre-assembled trolley is simple to assemble w/o the need of any tool.

VoleoPro Standard includes:

  • Foldaway Bin Bag Lid incl. integrated cleaning plan holder
  • 2x bin bag clamps out of  zinc plated steel wire for fixing a 70 liter bin bag
  • Standard set of hooks (includes 5x Pin Hook – 3x Handle Holder – 2x Caution Sign Hook)
  • Ergonomic inclined push unit
  • Integrated tray for carrying items like small buckets on the top of the trolley
  • 2x 6 liter buckets with color coding clips
  • 1x multifunctional bridge
  • 1x Swivel front castor with break and roller bearing.
TSU Name Colour Case size in cm Pieces/pack Packs/case BCU
143724 Voleo Pro Standard 119,5x32x54
1 1 143725
143984 Voleo Pro Multifunctional Bridge 44,4x25,4x22,8
1 1 143985
144003 Voleo Pro Hook Set Basic 27,9x20x16
1 10 144004
144231Voleo Pro Hook Set Standard27,9x20x16110144232
144005 Voleo Pro Swivel castor with brake 26,4x20x16
1 4 144006
143730 Voleo Pro bin Bag Surround 70L 37x31x17,5
1 5 143731

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The compact trolley with a footprint of 0,5 m² is the ideal solution when space is tight.

With its unique design and full of intelligent functions inside, is this trolley the best business card for professional cleaning performance and the right tool for realizing efficiency in cleaning.

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Here you can download the full product catalogue as a PDF file.

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