T-Mat Standard

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T-Mat Standard - 

a light weight, fast-drying mat ideal for low-medium traffic areas.
Cut pile with scraper PA monofilament

  • 100% twister PA textile mats with PVC

  • Fire resistance

  • Cut pile 400 gr/m²

Art.no Case TSUDescriptionColourSizePieces/packPacks/caseArt.no. Pack BCU
126786T-Mat Standardgraphite60 x 90 cm15515925
126802T-Mat Standardbrown60 x 90 cm15515926
126803T-Mat Standardblue60 x 90 cm15515927
126804T-Mat Standardgraphite90 x 150 cm5515928
126805T-Mat Standardbrown90 x 150 cm5515929
126806T-Mat Standardblue90 x 150 cm5515930
126807T-Mat Standardgraphite130 x 180 cm1515931
126808T-Mat Standardbrown130 x 180 cm1515932
126809T-Mat Standardblue130 x 180 cm1515933
126810T-Mat Standardgraphite130 x 600 cm1515934
126811T-Mat Standardbrown130 x 600 cm1515935
126812T-Mat Standardblue130 x 600 cm1515936

Let the mats do the hard work!

It is a well-known phenomenon that 80% of dirt comes in through the front door. And it is even worse when the weather is bad. The less dirt that comes in from the outside, the easier the cleaning.
We therefore regard mats as a natural and important part of our cleaning system

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